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Affiliated Condominium

Hotel concier ginowan Bypass

4-2-6 Isa, Ginowan-shi, Okinawa 901-2221
ホテルコンシェル外観 ホテルコンシェルフロント ホテルコンシェルルーム
ホテルコンシェルルーム2 ホテルコンシェルキッチン ホテルコンシェル洗濯機
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Condominium style accommodation is suitable for people who want to stay with no meals included in the price. Rooms are equipped with a kitchen and household appliances etc for long-term stays.
In contrast to general hotels, there are no restaurants or meal service but guests can stay at an economical price.

Official site: https://cozy.okinawa/hotels/hotel-concier-ginowan/